5 desserts you must try in Lisbon

The Portuguese are very “sweet” people. The pastry is an art, cultivated and loved by many.

In Lisbon you can find a coffee on every corner with a great variety of cakes and sweets. And in almost any restaurant you will have delicious desserts, almost always homemade, and very very tasty!

Well here you have 5 desserts or sweets that you have to try on your visit to Lisbon:


1) Chocolate Mousse


Authentic! None of that instant prepared mousse that you almost always get at restaurants arround the world! 😉
Really, you have to taste it, it is amazing (a personal favorite). You can ask for this dessert at almost every restaurant in Lisbon.

2) Baba de Camelo (Camel slime)

baba de camelo
Yes … the name of this dessert is “camel slime” in portuguese…;)
Actually it is a mousse cooked condensed milk. That is usually served with almond pieces on top. … Delicious… You can also have this in most restaurants as a dessert.

3) Pastel de Belém (Custard tart)

pasteis de belem custard tart
A Lisbon classic! It is a small cream cake, with a base of crisp phyllo dough. If freshly made and hot … the better it is. It is usually served with a little powdered sugar and cinnamon on top.
The original ones, and that I recommend you to try, are served at a a bakery located in Belém, in the address indicated below. But if you don’t have the opportunity to go there, no worries, because almost all bakeries in the city also sell them.
Casa dos Pasteis de Belém | Rua de Belém, 84 | www.pasteisdebelem.pt

4) O Melhor do Mundo Bolo Chocolate (The best chocolate cake in the world)

melhor bolo chocolade do mundo2
It’s a delicious chocolate cake with meringue parts in the middle that make it crispy. The owners of the pastry shop that makes them have given it the name of “the best chocolate cake in the world”. Not sure if it really is the best in the world, as I still have a lot of chocolate cakes to try 😉 But I can guarantee you it is really really good!
2 places where you can try it:
MBCM | Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, No. 62A – Campo de Ourique | Web
MBCM Kiosk | Avenida da Liberdade, No. 92 | Web

5) Travesseiros Sintra

travesseiros piriquita
This is a mandatory cake to try if you have the opportunity to escape to Sintra, which is approx 45min from Lisbon. It is a special of this small town, with phyllo and a filling of fresh egg and almonds. You can try them in a pastry shop called “Piriquita”. If you go there in the weekend it is normal you will find a big queue. Just take a numbered ticket and wait for your turn … is part of the ritual 😉
Pastelaria Piriquita | Rua Padarias No. 1, Sintra | Web

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