Find a flat to live in Lisbon

Find a flat to live in Lisbon

Are you coming to live in Lisbon?
Well here you have some tips to help you find an apartment or room to live.

Although this blog is focused mainly on those who come sightseeing for a few days to Lisbon, the truth is more and more foreign people are coming to live in Lisbon, and as I have received messages from many of you in this situation wondering where to look for a place to live, I decided to make a post dedicated to it.

What neighborhoods are the best to live in?

Lisbon has several very good neighborhoods to live in, and I would advise different areas depending if you seek something more lively or more calm, if you come to work or to study, alone or with company, and so on… 😉

If you seek a more lively and central area to walk around the historic center and go to restaurants and bars, I recommend the Chiado area. You also have Principe Real and Estrela that are historic neighborhoods, but not too touristic, and with young people, shops, restaurants, etc…
(Avoid Bairro Alto, because although it is a very cool neighborhood with a lot of life, there is a large concentration of bars, so chances are that you will have noise all night long…)

If you are looking for something quieter, easier to park, good transport, but still central and with many local shops, I recommend Avenidas Novas (Saldanha, Campo Pequeno, São Sebastião).

Where to search for an apartment or room?

To rent or buy a flat, these are the major real estate portals, where you will find private ads and from agencies:

And these are the websites of the main real estate agencies in Portugal, that also have their own search directory:

If what you want is a to find a room in a shared apartment, in the websites above you also have that search option, but these are the websites that are more focused in room renting:
(Note: room in Portuguese is “quarto”)

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