New Year's Eve in Lisbon

New Year’s Eve in Lisbon 2018-2019

Are you coming to visit Lisbon for New Year’s Eve 2018-2019? Well, here are some recommendations.

These are rather odd dates, because if one side there is a lot of animation, there are also areas where there are more shops closed and many “lisboetas” leave Lisbon to celebrate outside with family and friends.
With the help of these suggestions … you will have a fun time for sure!

On New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, the town hall organizes a show each year in the Plaza de Terreiro do Paço, in the dowtown area next to the Tagus river. It is free entry.
On the 31st there are concerts starting at 10pm, and fireworks at midnight.
In case you are more days in Lisbon, on the 29th and 30th there is a concert in the same place at 9:30 p.m.

Terreiro do Paço - Main City New Year's Eve Event

Concerts and Fireworks at Terreiro do Paço

Terreiro do Paço full program:

This year’s program is still not available, but for you to have an idea, this was the full agenda of last year:

Day 29: 21h30 – Concert by Ana Moura (Fado)
Day 30: 21h30 – Concert by Lura and Bonga (African Music)
Day 31:
– 22h – Concert by Marta Ren & The Groovelvets
– 23h – Concert by Capitão Fausto
– 00h – Piromusical show with original music Beatbombers
– 00h15 – Concert that gathers several Portuguese Pop-Rock artists: Ana Bacalhau, Ana Deus, Lena d’Água, Luís Portugal, Miguel Angelo, Rui Pregal da Cunha, Samuel Úria, Viviane and Xana

As for where to dine, it’s a good subject as it’s always a somewhat complicated night. I would say that if you want to follow the Terreiro do Paço plan that I mention above, then look for a restaurant nearby and book it as soon as possible. There are many options in the downtown area.

Through this link of The Fork, you can put the date and time and it will give you several available options (I suggest you choose the option to see in the map, to look for those that are in the center):

In case you do not want the “hang outside in the street” plan and want something more organized, there are several “private” parties in different places in Lisbon that you can buy tickets to. Some with dinner included, others just for the party.

Already confirmed for 2018-2019:

Le Reveillon in Convent of Beato:
Party a little further from the center, in a former convent.
Prices €35-€45 per person, including 3 drinks. They also have a dinner+party option starting at 125€/person.

Le Reveillon @ Convento do Beato



Royal Palace Party:
In the Royal Palace of Ajuda. This is already the fourth edition of the event. Among the guest artists is the DJ Joana Perez who “promises to bring the best of hip-hop and R’n’B to the Tapada de Ajuda”. Tickets cost between €25 and €45, with 4 drinks. There is also a dinner+party option that costs 100€/person.




Other parties from last year, still pending confirmation, but that will probably repeat this year:

Casino of Lisbon:
They have dinner with menu for € 150/person, all included, and live music, including a concert by the fadist Ana Moura after midnight:

Casino Estoril (in Estoril, aprox 30min from Lisbon):
They also have dinner with show with menu for € 130/person:


Baile da Virada:
Party in a building right next to Terreiro do Paço in the old town.
Prices €30-€40 per person, includes 6 drinks.




Welcome 2018 – Estufa Fria
In the Estufa Fria (greenhouse) there is also a party with the DJs Frederik, M.Dusa, Garfield and Huguinho The King. The party starts at 11pm and the value of the tickets starts at €40.

Revenge of the 90’s:
The Revenge of the 90’s party will also happen on the 31st and it is the sound of the Spice Girls, the Backstreet Boys or Anjos. The place is in the Lisbon Coliseum. The values ​​start at €30. More information here.

Hard Rock Café
The Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa is another place to celebrate the New Year.
This year there are two dinner options on December 31, and a big party to commemorate the arrival of 2018. You can choose and reserve one of the 3 available shifts:
From 6pm to 8pm: €71, including dinner;
From 9:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.: €151, with dinner included;
From 11pm to 04h: €21, with two drinks included.
To book:

I hope these recommendations help you to have a spectacular start in 2019 in Lisbon 🙂