Lisbon in videos

Lisbon in Videos

In this post I will be adding videos of “moments” in Lisbon, so that I can show you a little more of this beautiful city and its special places. These videos have aprox. 1 minute, they are made by me with the camera on my phone, just capturing some moments of a lisboners life… I hope you like.

#thebestoflisbon To have a cocktail at sunset in the bar À Margem

Check please:

– Caipirinha: 6.5€
– Morangoska: 6.5€
– Bruscheta à Margem: 5.5€
– Fantastic view over the river, the bridge and the Christ statue: 0€
Total: 18.5€ (2 pax)


#thebestoflisbon To have dinner at Café Buenos Aires

Check please:
– Bread and butter: 2.5€

– 1 bottle of Red Wine from Alentejo region: 15.5€
– 1 Grilled Goat Cheese Salad: 11.5€
– 1 Steak (you can order it for 2 people and they will devide it in 2 plates): 18.5€
– Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream (to share): 6€
– View over the S.Jorge Castle: 0€
Total: 54€ (2 pax)
#thebestoflisbon To cross the bridge and in 20 minutes arrive to the fantastic beaches of Costa da Caparica

Check please:
– 1 Vegetables Soup: 2.5€
– 2 Sandwiches in rustic bread: 7.8€
– 2 Natural juices of Pinneapple and Melon: 8€
– 1 Bottle of Water 1.5L: 2.2€
– 1 Ice cream: 2.3€
– Swim in the very “cool” water of the Atlantic ocean: 0€
Total: 22.8€ (2 pax)


#thebestoflisbon Go up to the roof top of Hotel Bairro Alto to have some beers at sunset with a fantastic view over the city and the Tagus river!

Check please:
– Beers: 6€ cada
– Fantastic view over the Lisbon rooftops, te river and the bridge: 0€ (or let’s day that the view price is already incorporated into the beer price! 😉
Total: 12€ (2 pax)


#thebestoflisbon Enjoy a garden picnic… without having any effort to prepare it!… 😉 The restaurant of Hotel da Estrela, in the neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique, has a picnic menu that they serve in the hotel garden, with the complete kit of towel, pillows, etc, in a private environment with a very nice service.

Check please:
– Picnic Menu: 18,5€ por person*
(Includes: Bread and toasts, Butter and Jelly | Cold soup | Cheeses and Sausages | Pastries | Raw vegetables with sauce | Roastbeef Baguette with Antique Mustard | Patato Chips | Chocolate Mousse | Fruit | Water and Coffees)
– 1 Bottle of White Wine: 10€
Total: 47€ (2 pax)

* Kids from 0 to 4 years old don’t pay, and from 5 to 12 pay 50%

Places to have a cocktail at sunset in Lisbon

Perfect places to have a cocktail at sunset in Lisbon

Park terrace bar with cocktails and fanstastic view


One of the terraces of the moment in Lisbon, and rightly so! A fantastic view over the river and the bridge. In a quite curious place… the rooftop of a parking! Usually very busy on weekends, but certainly worth the visit.
T: +351 21 591 4011
Address: Calçada do Combro, 58

LostIn terrace bar with cocktails and fanstastic view

LostIn Bar

LostIn Bar
Terrace-bar with an incredible view, hidden behind a narrow street near the square of Principe Real and the viewpoint of São Pedro de Alcântara. It is a hidden treasure because if you do not know it’s there or see it!
It has some amazing cocktails. I recommend CaipiLost, a caipirinha with vodka and red berries. And it also has several tapas and snacks. The very best, of course … the view!
T: +351 91 741 17 33
Address: Rua D. Pedro V, 58

Topo terrace bar with cocktails and fanstastic view



Another Lisbon hidden pearl… The Topo is a rooftop bar – on the top floor of an old shopping mall in Martim Moniz area. The entrance is a little scary, but definitely worth the visit! It has a spectacular view over the castle and all the rooftops of downtown Lisbon. And they also serve amazing cocktails. Unmissable!

T:+351 215 881 322
Address: Praça Martim Moniz (Centro Comercial do Martim Moniz)

Hotel Bairro Alto terrace bar with cocktails and fanstastic view

Hotel Bairro Alto Terrace-Bar

Hotel Bairro Alto
Terrace lounge bar on the top floor of the hotel. Incredible view over Lisbon and the river.
T: +351 213 408 288
Address: Praça Luis de Camões, 2

Noobbai Cafe terrace bar with cocktails and fanstastic view

Noobai Café

Noobai Café
Terrace-bar. Not as fancy as the ones mentioned before, but also with a great view and very good cocktails.
T: +351 213 465 014
Address: Miradouro do Adamastor (Sta. Catarina)

À Margem terrace bar with cocktails and fanstastic view

À Margem Terrace-Bar

À Margem
Terrace-bar. Located in Belém, right on top of the water. Amazing view to the river and the bridge. Very good cocktails and also delicious white wine sangria. If you are hungry they have some nice tapas.
T: +351 918225548
Address: Doca do Bom Sucesso (next to Hotel Altis Belém)
(You can see a short video of my visit to this bar here!)

Bar do Moinho beach bar with cocktails and fanstastic view

Bar do Moinho

Bar do Moinho
Bar on the beach. If you have a car and you feel like going to see the ocean, but without getting too far away from Lisbon, I recommend you go to the beach of Carcavelos (on the way to Estoril/Cascais by the Marginal Avenue). When arriving in Carcavelos you will see a traffic light to turn left towards the Forte de São Julião. Turn left there and turn right immediately afterwards. Go to the end of that street until you see a sign that you cannot continue by car. Park the car there and walk a little bit further. On your left side you will have a ladder that goes down to bar Moinho. It is located in a very tiny beach. If you fancy more sand you can keep walking and you will find a bigger beach with other bars there.
Address: Praia de Carcavelos (next to São Julião fortress)

5 desserts you must try in Lisbon

The Portuguese are very “sweet” people. The pastry is an art, cultivated and loved by many.

In Lisbon you can find a coffee on every corner with a great variety of cakes and sweets. And in almost any restaurant you will have delicious desserts, almost always homemade, and very very tasty!

Well here you have 5 desserts or sweets that you have to try on your visit to Lisbon:


1) Chocolate Mousse


Authentic! None of that instant prepared mousse that you almost always get at restaurants arround the world! 😉
Really, you have to taste it, it is amazing (a personal favorite). You can ask for this dessert at almost every restaurant in Lisbon.

2) Baba de Camelo (Camel slime)

baba de camelo
Yes … the name of this dessert is “camel slime” in portuguese…;)
Actually it is a mousse cooked condensed milk. That is usually served with almond pieces on top. … Delicious… You can also have this in most restaurants as a dessert.

3) Pastel de Belém (Custard tart)

pasteis de belem custard tart
A Lisbon classic! It is a small cream cake, with a base of crisp phyllo dough. If freshly made and hot … the better it is. It is usually served with a little powdered sugar and cinnamon on top.
The original ones, and that I recommend you to try, are served at a a bakery located in Belém, in the address indicated below. But if you don’t have the opportunity to go there, no worries, because almost all bakeries in the city also sell them.
Casa dos Pasteis de Belém | Rua de Belém, 84 |

4) O Melhor do Mundo Bolo Chocolate (The best chocolate cake in the world)

melhor bolo chocolade do mundo2
It’s a delicious chocolate cake with meringue parts in the middle that make it crispy. The owners of the pastry shop that makes them have given it the name of “the best chocolate cake in the world”. Not sure if it really is the best in the world, as I still have a lot of chocolate cakes to try 😉 But I can guarantee you it is really really good!
2 places where you can try it:
MBCM | Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, No. 62A – Campo de Ourique | Web
MBCM Kiosk | Avenida da Liberdade, No. 92 | Web

5) Travesseiros Sintra

travesseiros piriquita
This is a mandatory cake to try if you have the opportunity to escape to Sintra, which is approx 45min from Lisbon. It is a special of this small town, with phyllo and a filling of fresh egg and almonds. You can try them in a pastry shop called “Piriquita”. If you go there in the weekend it is normal you will find a big queue. Just take a numbered ticket and wait for your turn … is part of the ritual 😉
Pastelaria Piriquita | Rua Padarias No. 1, Sintra | Web

Best Restaurants in Lisbon

Here you can find a small selection of some of my favourite restaurants in Lisbon.
Enjoy! 😉

Great grilled fish restaurant. It has been renovated recently, so it no longer has that “tavern” environment but it is still one of the best places to eat fish in Lisbon at affordable prices. Also going there is quite an interesting experience. The waiter is a very nice man, funny and with a big moustache. The place is decorated with soccer scarves in plastic sleeve… Mandatory: try the grilled “dorada” (gilt-head bream) or the grilled salmon fillet, and at the end… the chocolate mousse.
The place is not very big, so it’s best to book a table in advance.
The only not so good aspect about this restaurant is that it is in a quiet area, not many bars or other places to go after in the near area. But a taxi ride from there to Bairro Alto takes 10 minutes and costs less than 10 €. Worth it 😉
T: +351 213 968 633
Address: Rua do Sacramento a Alcantara, 74

Another typical Portuguese restaurant, very small, also in “tavern” style… but very good and cheap.
This one is placed in the very lively area of Principe Real, near Bairro Alto. Delicious cheese they usually serve as couvert, good selection of grilled fish, and also some delicious meat options. Very friendly service.
T: +351 213 427 578
Address: Rua do Século, 242

2yn5betSinal Vermelho
Typical Portuguese restaurant. Regional food, with good fish and good meat. Lively atmosphere, right in the heart of Bairro Alto. It has a small terrace, nice to have dinner outside on hot nights. I recommend the “Polvo à Lagareiro” (octopus baked with potatoes and a lot of olive oil) or “Porco à Alentejana” (fried pork meat in cubes, with chips, clams, pickles… all mixed and served together).
It is perhaps the most touristic of the several restaurants that I recommend on this page, but has a good balance between quality-value-location.
The price is approximately 40 € -50 € for 2 people.
T: +351 213 431 281
Address: Rua das Gaveas, 89


29261y1Café Buenos Aires
Great place for a romantic dinner or for small group of people. If you are many (8+) you probably won’t be able to get a table!
As the name suggests it has an Argentinean influence, and as so… they serve delicious meat dishes. But there are also many other options not from Argentina.
It is located in a small beautiful street stairs that come down from the Igreja de São Roque to Restauradores.
T: +351 213 420 739
Address: Calçada Escadinhas do Duque, 31b
(You can see a small video of my visit to this restaurant here!)

lapaparruchaLa Paparrucha
Argentinean grill restaurant. It is true that you are in Lisbon, and you should mostly go for the Portuguese places, but if you are in need for some good meat with the best view over Lisbon … this is the place 🙂
It is expensive (for Portugal) but very good. Good place for romantic dinner 🙂
T: +351 213 425 333
Address: Rua D. Pedro V, 18