Where to park in Lisbon

Where to park in Lisbon

If you are staying in Lisbon for more than 3 days it can be a good option to have a car, because in public transports it’s difficult to reach some of the coolest and less touristic sites around Lisbon, the best beaches, etc …
So for those of you that bring your own car, or rent one in the city for a few days, there is a major question that arises: Where can I park the car?

In the street with parking meters
Almost all the city centre is covered with parking meters in the street. Be aware of where you park the car, making sure you look for the nearest meter, to check the info on schedules, prices, etc. It varies from area to area: in the old town area, there are red zones, where the maximum allowed time of parking is 2h. In other areas (yellow and green), you can stay up to 4 hours, and then you must go back to the car to insert some more coins in the meter, and update the ticket in the windshield.
Here you can see the map of all the parking areas in Lisbon, marked in the corresponding colour of green, yellow or red: www.emel.pt/pt/onde-estacionar/via-publica/pesquisa-de-estacionamento/

In the street outside the parking meters area
Another option is to park outside the delimited areas of the parking meters, and then take public transport to the city centre. A good option is to park in the street near the Olaias subway stop, which is already outside the meters area, and then you can take the subway from there to the centre.
Another option, closest to the old town area, it is to park the car near the Santa Apolónia station which has train and subway there.

In an indoor parking
There are plenty indoor covered parkings throughout Lisbon. Usually they charge 20€ to 30€ for a full day.
In the old town area, one of the cheapest is the one in Praça dos Restauradores, which costs 20€ per day.
On this website you can see several options and prices:

In an outdoor parking
The cheapest parkings are the ones that are outdoors. There are few near the centre, like the one at Doca do Jardim do Tabaco, which costs only 8€ per day.
At this same web you can also see the outdoor parkings: www.parkopedia.pt/estacionamento/doca_do_jardim_do_tabaco/
There are other 9 outdoor parking areas managed by Emel, the company that runs the parking meters, which have a daily ticket for only 3€. These are their locations:
– Alameda (Rua Jorge Castilho)
– Avenida Brasília
– Avenida do Colégio Militar (Quinta da Luz)
– Avenida Lusíada
– Entrecampos (Rua Sanches Coelho)
– Parque das Nações (Zona Sul)
– Rua de Campolide
– Rua Marquês da Fronteira (Palácio da Justiça)
– Sete Rios
In this Emel website map, if you remove all the checkboxes, leaving only selected the “Bilhete Diário” option, you will see in gray color these areas where you can park for only 3€ per day.

Good luck and… enjoy your trip to Lisbon!

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